Ongoing projects

Two dedicated volunteers from AHORA ONG have journeyed to Molfetta to offer training on leveraging technology for enhancing social inclusion through the 'Carpe DIEM!' project, which focuses on Digital Innovation in Educational Methodologies.

We have already conducted over 10 courses in emotional education targeted towards the youth population across the Community of Madrid.

Nutrition is a daily concern, but we often underestimate the impact of our dietary choices, the importance of basic nutritional recommendations, and the risks associated with poor eating habits. To address this, we have already organized 2 courses on healthy eating, specifically designed for mothers, fathers, and legal guardians across the...

At times, families find themselves overwhelmed and may lack the resources needed to offer quality education. They may be navigating conflicts at home or encountering various daily challenges. AHORA ONG has organized 8 courses tailored to families across the Community of Madrid, creating a platform for sharing, introspection, and exploration of new...

AHORA ONG has offered Mediation courses within educational institutions to create teams of student mentors who take the lead in providing support, mediation, and conflict resolution within the school environment. Over 20 young individuals have successfully become mediators through these initiatives.

We collaborate with both public and private organizations in the European Union to exchange knowledge and best practices in the areas of social inclusion, integration, education, health, and employment. Additionally, we create educational materials to enhance the quality of life and opportunities for the EU population.


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